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Perfect to use as goalie shirt!
  Ino Ainoroc Oirelav

My daughter loves this for our karaoke machine. Great sound!
  Dylon Krawchuk

I bought it for my wife for Christmas. We saw it in the theater and she wanted the dvd.
  Jagadish Marla

It really makes you realize what these patriots from the past have given America for future generations and to be proud of the greatest generation can teach us humility in the face of adversity
  Lawrence Villanueva

I just received this from Amazon and I am so glad I bought it. If you are a Jersey Shore fan you will want to watch the unedited version! Very, very funny :)
  Mohamed Dahak

I purchased this item when my washer went out. I bought a new washer, but instead of dumping the broken one I decided to repair it and get a few bucks out of it. This product did the job, and the reason I picked this rubber/plastic one instead of the one with metal sleve was for the simplicity of the install. This one was much easier to put on then a metal one since the plastic sould give a little. However, the overall instal wasnt as easy as I planned. I am very handy, and have done so as a career in the past. To make this easy, youre better off removing the pump and transmission completely then dissmantiling the motor so that the coupler can be put in. If you just remove the motor, itll end up costing you more time later when you realize it wont be as easy. Overall, assuming bolts areant rusty, the average person should be able to get this installed in 45min to an hr.
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